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What is Unique About This?

Dear Families,

What is unique about these photos?

It’s actually a trick question because at BFL there is nothing unique about these photos.  If you look at our members in the photos, you will see religious, secular, left, right, and everything in between. They are photos of our amazing spouse’s project as well as our couple’s project. They are bonding, supporting each other, and healing.They are not ignoring their differences, they simply hold them lightly and make togetherness their priority. This is what our IDF service taught us: When we are called on to defend Israel, we don’t care about our differences. We prioritize one thing- that we can completely trust that we have each other’s back no matter what, especially if it means putting our life on the line again and again. I am grateful to share that at BFL we don’t preach unity, it’s literally who we are.

A little more about our spouses’ project: We currently have over 300 spouses who take part twice a month in bonding experiences and workshops. This is the place where they don’t have to explain themselves, where they can open up about the challenges of being married to an injured soldier and raising children together. From our perspective, it’s the place where we get to remind them that they don’t usually get medals or recognition, they are no less heroes in our eyes.

I also want to take a moment to welcome a new team member and director of our BFL Medical Project, Saar Brosh. Saar served in the combat engineering corps and during the Gaza War in 2014, he and his team were hit by an anti-tank missile that pierced their armored vehicle. Hundreds of pieces of shrapnel penetrated Saar’s body. After his rehabilitation, Saar returned to his unit and became an officer. Saar will be working every day to expand our medical project. 

Shabbat Shalom from Israel,


PS: We would like to share with you a wonderful organization that we are partnering with, Daily Giving.  Daily Giving is a special non-profit organization that enables people to give small amounts of money to charity on a daily basis. The minimum donation is $1 per day, and you can choose to donate to a specific charity, Brothers for Life, or distribute your donation among a pool of charities.  We are honored to have teamed up with Daily Giving for their Be a Giver Campaign in September.

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