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Experience an unforgettable connection to Israel

Our soldiers give individuals, families, and groups an experience of Israel through the eyes of IDF fighters who have sacrificed for her protection.

They share their unconditional love of Israel with every client group, be it Bnai Mitzvot families or visitors wanting to experience Israel like never before.

They have fought for our land with their body, heart and soul. Share their love, commitment and understanding of Israel, it’s people, beauty and history.


Brothers for Life offers once-in-a-lifetime journeys for individuals, groups, and families who want to experience Israel as few others have. Our tours are led by decorated IDF veterans who actively participated in the events that shaped Israel and who have learned the land through the soles of their boots. Our exclusive experiences deliver lifelong family memories, deep connections with one’s heritage, and the opportunity to experience Israel as few others have.  The BFL Experience is specifically tailored to your individual or group’s wishes and needs.

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Achim LaChaim
Haela 115 • Kefar Truman
Israel, 73150


Cell: 972 (55) 931-7995
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