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BFL Emergency Progress Report

As our hospital teams continue their daily deployment to newly injured soldiers in Israel’s major hospitals, the first group of 700 soldiers injured in this war has been moving on to the next phase of healing and absorption into the BFL family.

Key to this phase are the BFL soldier delegation trips to diaspora Jewish communities all over the world. These journeys are among the most transformational aspects of our integrated set of programs. During these seven-day trips, injured soldiers make lifelong bonds with each other and their host families. They heal through group sessions and inspire the local community. Many of the injured soldiers begin to understand for the first time that they were protecting not only Israel but Jewish people worldwide and are able to reframe the sacrifices they are enduring in the light of the reciprocal love and appreciation they experience.

Adopted by host families, these healing soldiers come home different than they left, with a renewed perspective on themselves, what they have gone through, and their impact on Jews throughout the world.

“The BFL delegations have changed my family’s connection to Judaism. They have connected to soldiers who have turned into friends and then quickly family.”

Amy Conroy, Host Family Leader Los Angeles

This year, our BFL members have been hosted by Jewish communities in Miami, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, and Orange County, with upcoming delegations in Seattle, Boston, Toronto, and New York. These delegation trips will host over 100 newly injured soldiers and impact thousands in these Jewish communities around the world.

MEDICAL PROJECT 17 Surgeries in 14 Days

This month, reconstruction medical specialists Dr. Jason Souza and Dr. Amy Moore traveled to Israel through our BFL Medical Project and, over the course of 14 days, operated on 15 newly injured soldiers and two civilians injured on October 7th. Watch our video to learn more about this groundbreaking and life-changing visit.


We are excited to announce the newest addition to our BFL Ambassador Team: Raz Belisha. 

At 29, Raz brings with him a wealth of experience, having served in the elite Oketz (canine) unit alongside his loyal canine companion and best friend, Rocky. Tragically, Rocky was killed while protecting Raz and his team in Gaza, and Raz himself was later shot by a terrorist in an ambush. During his rehabilitation, Raz became involved with Brothers for Life and swiftly became a leader in the community. 

Raz is married to Adi, and they recently welcomed puppy Arya into their family. Arya is the same breed as Raz’s beloved Rocky.


As we approach the six-month mark of this terrible war, on behalf of the over 1,400 newly injured soldiers we have met in the hospitals, we thank you for your enduring support. This is a historically defining moment for the Jewish people, and especially for our young people who are sacrificing everything for our safety and protection. The fact that you are here for them when they need it most is a testimony to the enduring power of the Jewish spirit. This is the meaning of Am Yisrael Chai!

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