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Brothers for Life Emergency Fund 2023


This is Omri Michaeli. He was 35 years old. He was a member of Brothers for Life, having been injured in Operation Protective Edge and Jenin a few months ago. Yesterday, while trying to save lives evacuating civilians in a kibbutz, he was murdered. He is among the hundreds killed on this terrible day, yet his bravery and courage to protect Israeli citizens will be remembered. May his memory be a blessing. BDE.

Dear Friends,

As you know, Israel is now at war after the worst terror attack since our independence.  This war will likely be far more protracted than the 2014 Gaza War, which injured over 400 of our IDF soldiers.

With dozens of soldiers already injured and likely soon hundreds more, Brothers for Life is getting ready to absorb them and provide for their immediate needs in the weeks and months ahead, starting with visiting them at a hospital, to helping them transition home and then assist in their rehabilitation and re-integration into daily life.  It is a long, hard journey of physical and mental healing.

Brothers for Life is prepared to deal with this challenge, our brothers are already beginning to deploy to hospitals all over the South of Israel, providing support and mentorship to the over 1,500 soldiers and civilians injured in yesterday’s attack.  Our help and assistance will vary for each wounded soldier, from medical and educational support to full rehab, the latter of which costs more than $6,000 per soldier per year, so we need your help.

To address the crises and meet the needs, we are launching The Brothers for Life Emergency Fund Campaign, targeting $5 million.  Thanks to our incredibly generous partners, whatever you give will be matched up to $1.3 million.  The number of injured soldiers in this war will likely be in the thousands, far greater than BFL has had to manage in the past. 

We cannot do this without your help and support.

Below are details to make a gift to help the young Israeli men and women who are fighting to protect the citizens of Israel.

In gratitude,

The leadership and members of BFL




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