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Emergency Fund 2023

Dear Friends

As you know, Israel is now at war after the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. This war is already more devastating than the 2014 War against Hamas and will likely be much longer. With over 900 soldiers injured in the first days of fighting and the likelihood that this number will grow to the thousands, Brothers for Life (“BFL”) is already working to absorb our newly injured soldiers and provide for their immediate needs in the weeks and months ahead.

Here are our immediate actions and needs in the coming weeks:

  • BFL is deploying our teams to the hospitals to conduct over 1,000 initial meetings with injured soldiers.
  • These teams will assess each soldier’s immediate needs, such as financial needs or accommodations for family members to stay near the hospital.
  • We will distribute short- and long-term personal needs for extended hospital stays – from personal hygiene items, bedding, and clothing to laptops and iPads.
  • We will also assess the needs of the BFL families whose spouses have been called to fight in the war.
  • Lastly, we will help our families of injured soldiers living near the Gaza Strip with financial aid, short-term housing, and personal household goods.

PROJECTED COST: $800,000 to $1,000,000*

Needs in the next 24 months:

  • The absorption and rehabilitation of potentially 2,000+ newly injured soldiers into BFL, including immediate financial and medical support. The average cost of one year of support and rehabilitation for an injured soldier is $6,000. 
  • Expanding staffing, prioritizing staffing in our medical and PTSD programs to absorb the influx of new members.
  • Expand our existing Beit Achims in Kfar Truman and our northern campus in Alon.
  • Open new facilities in the south near Be’er Sheva and possibly other areas such as Jerusalem.

PROJECTED COST: $20,000,000*

*These projections could change based on the number of casualties. We pray there are minimal.

We have launched The Brothers for Life Emergency Fund Campaign to meet the needs of our newly injured soldiers, targeting $20+ million. Please see the links below this letter.

Thank you for your support at this critical time.

In gratitude,
The leadership and members of BFL

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