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BFL Emergency Progress Report

As we approach day 133 of the war with Hamas, a war Israel never wanted but must fight, the number of injured soldiers continues to rise. According to some reports, there are more than 2,700 injured IDF soldiers since October 7th. A staggering number. To date, our hospital teams have met with over 1,200 injured soldiers and are in the process of absorbing the first 700 into BFL.

Whereas previous reports focused more on metrics, this report will focus on just one of our initiatives, The BFL Medical Project, and how it directly addresses the specific needs of our newly injured soldiers.


The BFL Medical Project was created to address the needs of soldiers suffering from complex injuries and chronic pain. The program encompasses a host of progressive treatments in Israel as well as second opinions, interventions, and even surgeries abroad. The Medical Project also researches and finds new and cutting-edge prosthetic devices for amputated and paralyzed soldiers.


Niv S. , 28 years old, was called to serve as a reservist and, on December 8th, was severely injured by an anti-tank missile. In addition to losing part of his arm, Niv suffers from extensive injuries to his back and has already undergone seven surgeries. 

The BFL Medical Project was fortunate to be in a position to provide Niv with a state-of-the-art wheelchair specifically designed for single-arm operation. This wheelchair comes equipped with an anti-tip mechanism, ensuring stability and safety as Niv maneuvers. Prior to the war, Niv served as a soccer referee, and we are committed to standing by him every step of the way until he can return to the field.


Since October 7th, our Medical Project has provided expert consults for over 50 soldiers with complex injuries. These consultations are facilitated by top orthopedic surgeons based in the US. Often, medical documents need to be translated from Hebrew to English and vice versa, and the consultations are typically conducted on Zoom for convenience and efficiency.

For instance, Captain Ziv (name changed for security reasons) sustained severe injuries when a large bullet fired by a Hamas terrorist tore through his shoulder, shattering the bone and rendering his arm unusable. Thanks to our Medical Project, Dr. Matt Provencher, one of the foremost orthopedic surgeons in the US and former chief physician for the New England Patriots, conducted a Zoom consultation with Ziv and our Medical Project team. During this session, Dr. Provencher provided invaluable counsel on a course of surgeries that would help rebuild Ziv’s shoulder. This is just one example of the critical second opinions being provided in real-time through our initiative.


Several years ago, our Medical Project established a groundbreaking precedent in Israel by bringing two surgeons from Walter Reed Hospital to perform operations on two BFL amputees. The first surgeon, Dr. Kyle Potter, conducted his second stint at Tel HaShomer, where he evaluated 30 amputees and operated on six injured soldiers. Next month, Dr. Jason Souza, now at Ohio State University, embarks on a similar mission. Accompanied by another plastic surgeon, he will visit Tel HaShomer Hospital to assess and operate on newly injured soldiers who have undergone amputations. Additionally, Dr. Souza will share his innovative Surgical techniques with Israeli surgeons, further enhancing collaboration and advancing medical practices in Israel. 

Jason Souza, MD, Plastic surgeon and US Navy veteran


The rate of soldiers sustaining severe injuries in this war is double the rate of the last two wars. As a result, there is a high number of severely injured soldiers and their families in need of long-term hospital stays. Many of them live far from the hospital and are in pressing need of a solution.

BFL is in the process of acquiring a 140-square-meter, 5-bedroom apartment located 250 meters from Tel HaShomer Hospital (the main rehabilitative hospital in Israel). The apartment will house up to five soldiers while they are engaged in daily rehabilitation. Alternatively, it will house the immediate families of these soldiers while they are in critical care units. The apartment will be fully renovated to make it fully wheelchair accessible. To learn more about this apartment and sponsorship opportunities, please email Rabbi Chaim Levine at

These are just 4 examples of our Medical Project programs, which we are actively scaling to serve the growing number of injured soldiers. We anticipate that more than 600 BFL members being helped by the Medical project this year.

We simply could not provide this help without your enduring and selfless support. On behalf of every injured Israeli combat soldier, thank you.

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