We can’t walk yet, but we can fly….

We can’t walk yet, but we can fly….

Dear Friends,

This week was an unforgettable one for us.  We witnessed things we will never forget.

At the beginning of the week one hundred and fifteen members celebrated our traditional summer retreat in Eilat. This year’s retreat focused on our new Operation Protective Edge members who were injured this time last year.

But that’s not all,  we also surprised our most severely wounded brothers this time around by taking them paragliding and diving.

One of the new members, Ohad Ben Ishai, 20 years old who was critically wounded in Gaza and is still in a wheelchair, went up in the para glide with his Dad.   When he landed back in the water he said the words that we dream soldiers like Ohad will say:

“I’m speechless, I never thought  that I’ll ever feel like this again”.

​The following day, on another special event for the first time in BFL, our paralyzed brothers actually made a scuba dive for the first time in specially designed seated “chairs”.   What could be greater than seeing them dive?  No Limits!

And last but not least – last night,  we did our “soft” opening of the Beit Achim for those members who won’t be there to join us on October 2nd.  We told them all two words:

“Welcome Home!”

With our hearts overflowing, Shabbat Shalom from Israel.  Am Yisrael Chai.