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Music and Art Programs

The healing power of music is well known, and it is being used to benefit our members in a number of BFL projects:

Nine Lives

3 years ago several of our injured soldiers, led by Rag Hagag, got together to play music. They began writing songs about the pain and difficulty of living with serious injury, their moments of despair, and most importantly, the hope and new changes that they have found for themselves since joining BFL. The Hope for Heroism Music Project was born and the band they formed “Nine Lives” has played all over Israel, as well as in London and Los Angeles.

Nine Lives has found great success and are now an independent band. They are currently in the process of producing their first album.

Inspired by their growth and development, other soldiers have begun learning to play instruments and a music room has been built in our Beit Achim.

The Scarecrows

Following the success of the “Nine Lives”, another group of BFL members founded the second project of this kind – “The Scarecrows”. 7 members participate in the project, they practice twice a week and already had their first concert at the Beit Achim this past July.

Guitar Lessons

This project is for our members who want to learn to play a musical instrument. Guitar classes are being held once a week at Beit Achim. The head of this project is Halel Kotler, who also coordinates the alternative medicine project.