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Leadership Development Project

Many of Israel’s most elite soldiers who are injured during their service and can no longer serve in combat units feel a great sense of commitment to continue serving Israel and the Jewish people. The goal of the BFL Leadership Development Program is to train injured officers from the most Elite Units in the IDF to become the future leaders of Israel.

The Leadership program will be a two year course made up of 13 participants and consist of two main elements:

  •   Year one – a course study of topics including social entrepreneurship, leadership, team and project management, and public speaking.
  •   Year two – each participant will be responsible for creating and running a social entrepreneurship project with hands on guidance and mentorship from Israeli and international Jewish Leaders.Through the Leadership Development project we will be building a foundation of social leaders that will head the Israeli society in the future and influence the Jewish communities over the world, creating the foundation of BFL future management and helping the participants to develop the skills for management and personal professional development.