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0:07 you always have but I’m
0:08 us
0:10 ones like this building
0:12 this religion thing is those are
0:15 it was an ambush those of the none of my a friends died
0:19 actually sold them died in my own stick with them it was windows
0:23 I was that was injured lost decidedly dying
0:27 the but that was a minor injury
0:30 good doesn’t deliver his ago but to
0:33 everything that would follow if only the foundation
0:36 became the center of my life I will
0:40 before that there was after the war was a long it was a day that phone
0:44 for the world on wavelet brody’s don’t understand you know
0:48 don’t know who to those then what I’ve been through the
0:52 actually a lil after the I still wasn’t the focus is on there wasn’t a little
0:59 not only that they had the privilege to be able to help other people
1:02 and doesn’t know
1:04 with some does not those other way the morning trying to take up you will serve
1:09 the Lord is the lone
1:10 the movie with people into heart the morning heart becomes for him
1:13 in the meantime %uh happier person
1:16 hope for is that given the tools to help other people but that happen he said
1:30 I got I
1:32 no three bullets in my left arm
1:36 another forwarded to my neck them my back
1:39 another three bullets in my neck this then
1:43 to in my left leg and
1:47 another in the near the yeah
1:52 11 saucers
1:57 comment
1:58 yeah I think a I feel the love is
2:02 I feel the way I feel strong when I’m among them I feel stronger a strong
2:08 demand
2:08 online my friends from the foundation
2:12 you’re proud we know that we are part of the history of the state of israel.
2:16 take three thousand years ago their own
2:19 there was also fighters king baby was a fighter
2:29 I got injured ten years ago
2:31 and
2:32 at the waistband that first and first time I got one word answers
2:37 and went to me that and see
2:40 you the soldier who was with me shotgun
2:44 and actually is you and
2:47 foundation to and I still in many ways
2:52 it was like home before he was in that
2:55 because Pato his brain
2:59 was a outside I thought was
3:04 part of his brain and the
3:07 what stick with the games to me home
3:10 possible my back that chrome
3:13 from my back to his face and be sent to my friends that I am
3:18 a it will be a miracle if there will be a line
3:22 and it will be a miracle if I can walk against
3:25 because his mediocre and and
3:29 things that happen
3:39 this this the world came to claim its
3:42 it’s so powerful because
3:47 the Warner Brothers stages so months
3:50 and full before like paying for life
3:54 say so much then you put this to two words together
3:58 brothers for life its it’s like
4:01 complete though for the things that we do hear all the things that we do in
4:06 this
4:07 me the foundation this is the people that they want to
4:10 spent time with them this is the people that with this pic is
4:14 is its to your roots with 30
4:18 the sharing did their real feelings then what we do to ourselves through the with
4:23 no interest
4:24 in truth for foreign thing it’s with no benefit we do it because we love it said
4:29 is
4:29 with doing because we care for each other this where’s
4:33 this is like the fewer the pure of salt of the earth
4:37 and for me this people
4:40 like this is the front line this is the israeli keepers this is
4:44 the people that because of them israelis exist in this
4:47 in the in the Jewish nation is exist they get is that if you look like five
4:53 thousand years ago and feel now is this
4:56 it’s not so is it through our calculus in the 30 30 the
5:01 to we’re going and I think that we’re going to stay here
5:05 much longer