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Project Description

0:08 something historical
0:09 about hope for her was injured soldiers helping their soldiers
0:13 it’s never been done before and have a potential
0:16 to impact not pal but has a bell so
0:19 people were suffering sacrificed to protect civilians in their countries
0:27 he’s government when they went through what they went through forest
0:30 something between them
0:34 with al a word they know what each other
0:36 news big see it in their eyes that
0:39 the love that that the Athens in this organization the
0:45 one of the problems after you get injured that
0:49 you if you lose faith in yourself thank you
0:52 and do anything good you can’t fight anymore on the back
0:56 received by them about him in understanding
0:59 work suffer previously
1:03 or I came God problems
1:07 I think I’m an example %uh
1:10 BBQ this foundation
1:13 field wounded soldiers
1:19 when you’re around he’s disabled israeli soldiers
1:22 thrashing around young Jewish people who were making
1:27 Jewish history summit the soldiers literally
1:31 stepped between a suicide bomber and civilians and a
1:35 absorbing these guys have scars all over their bodies
1:38 as Jewish people
1:42 around the world we owe them a debt week never
1:45 his role is safe not because the politicians
1:49 but because these young men
1:55 this foundation same for the change my life got my life back Emmitt
2:01 wonderful family is wonderful Jewish community and I felt a connection to
2:05 them
2:05 seeing be about that came
2:09 the love they have for each other I know that’s what got had in mind
2:13 when he talked to us about Jewish community about you need to know
2:16 this organizations so pure
2:19 so miraculous they are kicking a ball
2:22 not just with the hope for her was a with other areas in israeli society
2:26 they’re becoming years the opportunity that we have
2:31 two-goal in the hospital yes soldiers with injure it week ago or
2:36 three days ago and say i slippin stay in bed
2:39 and in this moment no the two finger all the wards it’s like
2:44 black who have the great news for you
2:48 it’s incredible and I feel like
2:51 this is just beginning is changing lives
2:55 its gonna keep growing
3:00 we’ve seen it role to now
3:02 a family soldiers were all giving back some way
3:05 we help injured soldiers medically we help them financially
3:09 we help them psychologically we help them Richard University
3:13 people with centuries which has become a home
3:17 pizza people wrongly squirrels take place
3:22 delegation work around the world one capetown Tampa
3:27 your Seattle think that with injured soldiers
3:30 from the US who were also suffering trying to return to their life
3:34 it was just incredible to washington talk about
3:37 stride they me this incredible model
3:41 injured sold public other injured soldiers something that could be a great
3:45 help answer
3:46 to other injure soldiers around the world everyone who was involved in this
3:51 organization
3:52 honestly hope that one day colossally
3:55 but until that happens I can tell you this
4:02 every single
4:04 soldier in israel this pitcher worth suffering
4:09 we will not rest which way will help them
4:12 returned to him for productively contributor1
4:17 be done so much for us now it’s ok
4:22 this is not charity this is not a Dhaka
4:25 we haven’t good
4:28 this I can say from experience ending with Paul
4:33 this organization
4:35 your way