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0:00 us I yeah
0:03 a
0:10 so here we are the US soldiers the veterans were with who were wounded in
0:15 battle
0:16 the meeting their Israeli counterparts for the first time
0:19 were privileged to have with us as part of this delegation for
0:23 members a program that we call a red corner
0:26 all for these men have had multiple tours and Iraq and Afghanistan
0:31 all have experienced the rigors up combat
0:34 clear each wounded they reach on their own
0:38 journey to recovery were crossing international
0:42 borders here our young soldiers have these experiences
0:46 in the think nobody can relate to this came here with expertise is this
0:50 something really
0:50 positive would come out this to hell disabled soldiers patrol eyes back
0:54 together
0:55 we knew was possible to help someone who would seem so stock
0:59 very quickly turn his life around because it’s been happening here in
1:02 Israel
1:03 through for heroism so many people our home
1:07 your home so please feel home number one for the UK Inc
1:13 I was very excited you can just feel it you need the connections
1:16 if you get veterans together and just let them interact
1:21 they’re going to help each other remarking on only project that we’re not
1:24 sure it’s going well we know it’s going to really good
1:27 we’re gonna kinda just have it open conversation about common challenges
1:31 that injured soldiers face eviction process
1:34 when they were introduced to the israeli warriors
1:39 it was incredible once you are serving your nation
1:43 you were surveying you know the guys and girls to the to the left to the right
1:47 and now all of a sudden you know what with the element to me
1:51 a lot of questions in all day long with your thoughts you can you
1:55 it in you from inside I have a smack stress a bed
1:58 every single person at this table top posts mixed-race my friends when I
2:02 thought the listener nightmare
2:03 well I welcome to the gathered at the language that was big is the language of
2:08 the I
2:09 you don’t have to say the least and never been you look at me and say
2:13 something up into the the guys and hope for heroism a
2:16 they say same blood same poets I think
2:19 made all agree with me the same tears as well
2:23 mum my name is
2:27 Chris Brown my serve and
2:29 United States Marine Corps name for a tree diving DSM
2:34 I was wounded my second point at all
2:38 through a suicide bomb I was really nervous coming here
2:43 coming back to Miley sector trying over here three times
2:47 to go to combat you know right now I okay
2:51 learning growth newsweek win
2:55 personal disturbs last week all asylum in Jersey
2:58 PTSD announcement green dream PTSD is an anxiety disorder
3:03 its which is something in your brain it doesn’t
3:06 they won’t switch back its heavy you
3:09 can’t forget about it when veterans are hurt
3:13 either physically or mentally I everybody wants to try to treat them we
3:17 don’t we don’t want the pills we don’t want to dollar emotions
3:20 we want to understand them I sort of individual counseling group counseling I
3:25 have done different
3:26 techniques to learn how to manage my anxiety
3:30 and these guys are doing it to it’s the simple Brotherhood
3:35 because together we were able to do it much more
3:38 in much more effective way the after was in the foundations and there wasn’t a
3:43 loan move
3:43 place but feel that I feel strong when I am among them
3:47 I feel stronger a strong demand
3:50 today we have 200 guys the help and support
3:53 this warriors this is like the pure of the pure
3:57 this is the front line this is the israeli keepers this is
4:00 the people that because I love them israelis exist in this
4:04 in the in the Jewish nation is exist they get is that if you look like five
4:10 thousand years ago and feel now is this
4:12 not so is that too to kill us and destroy Earth and the
4:18 we go and I think that we going to stay here
4:21 much longer %uh the second day
4:28 you every day I am como un with the great things
4:32 on
4:35 do
4:40 yes well small rosemary the old city of jerusalem
4:43 its frozen in time look at the Battle with that
4:47 it will be like this forever you see the wars frozen it all over the city
4:51 deliver Israel fine you know remember stuff like this
4:55 everything that we did seem to turn out to be the next greatest thing that we’ve
4:58 ever done
4:59 and every single person that we met seems turned out to be the max for his
5:03 personal remember Matt
5:04 you to nine
5:08 yeah he’ll yep TCA were married sure
5:12 your %um a day will come czech girl Madeleine
5:16 all the nations yeah I’m Roush home and come to do this
5:21 as a little anxious but it wasn’t the anxiety that I was expecting appeal
5:26 and now walking around jerusalem spiritually
5:30 I feel like I am think it’s less a home you can feel it
5:33 the people that interact with everything about it really is
5:37 its various movin each hour the day you’re doing something that’s gonna
5:41 apparently affect the rest of your life in a really positive way
5:45 we’ve learned a lot from the israeli soldiers
5:48 a lot of the things that they’re going through a lot of the same things that
5:51 our soldiers are going through I think the service as really a model for us
5:56 what we can do in the states the District 5 realize that
6:00 the guys that are in the hospital’s and the guys that are
6:03 stuck in their homes a with a smack stress
6:08 at I wanna reach out to them or to
6:11 creative branch over heroism in washington that’s that’s the real
6:15 opportunity here
6:16 we can take this hope for her was modeling we can build United States
6:20 to and the isolation that a lot of these guys feel
6:23 into involve more veterans and helping other veterans
6:26 are
6:30 G
6:34 are
6:35 you know we were always living the dream who was dreams to come true
6:40 regal the beginning of the movies in your warriors I have really dedicated
6:45 their lives
6:45 and the service to each other Bossley
6:48 every one of the guys here
6:51 it has an incredible story I’ve
6:54 felt completely accepted a
6:57 totally love by everyone we met online
7:01 is really humbles me a song its the first time since I love service
7:06 day I felt like I know what I want you in my life
7:09 I’m
7:12 and its this it’s a so I’m
7:15 still lost some weight
7:18 but it’s getting purvis death
7:21 I’m
7:24 seen the Brotherhood net over here is it has it’s something that I’ve
7:28 been there seen the state’s
7:31 I’m
7:41 room
7:43 when the band was playing and they were they were singing and
7:47 and all the talking going on I i mean i started to tear out
7:50 that was pretty incredible and I think there is a unit went on for our american
7:55 soldiers
7:55 and then I’d you know kinda
7:59 I guess try to compose myself a little bit
8:01 and a turn and i notice Chris breaking down was very overwhelming to see that
8:05 happening
8:08 became comfort to to understand that we were going through the same experience
8:13 during that
8:15 that Israeli veterans really took the time to make sure that we knew that
8:19 that it was okay and that they understood that 1 p.m. judged in any way
8:23 make it didn’t really made me search questions like how can we create
8:28 something this powerful impact foreign states
8:31 the a lotta guys have a hard time
8:36 opening up in letting themselves be vulnerable to others
8:40 and to themselves really a you know yes was to cry
8:45 units was to showing sensitive emotions
8:49 when I say I want gonna try to help people come home at some talking about
8:53 coming home
8:54 in their hearts