Paris, Boston, Israel

Paris, Boston, Israel

Dear friends,

It’s been a week of mourning and tremendous shock to the world. We in Israel are with the people of France. These horrible atrocities in France were committed in part by people who were welcomed to as refugees as a humanitarian act.

Last night there were two very serious terrorist attacks in Israel, one in Tel Aviv when two men were brutally murdered on their way back from the synagogue, and another attack in Gush Etzion when two people were murdered in their cars. Both attacks were carried out by despicable terrorists who received a permit to work and stay in Israel.

One of the victims of these terrorist attacks was Ezra Schwartz. Ezra was 18-year-old from Boston, who came to Israel to study and volunteer.
Ezra was killed a he was on his way to provide hot meals for the soldiers serving in the area. His friends eulogized him and said that he was an amazing young man, who loved Israel so much he paid with his life.

So from Paris and Israel, we now turn to the Jewish community of Boston.  Ezra was your son, our son, and the son of our Jewish Nation around the world.  We in BFL who have survived and lost our closest friend fighting terrorists are here to help in any way possible.

Let us not break down, we should not lose hope.  The Torah teaches us constantly in moments like this: Our strength in our unity.  Where there is unity good will always follow.  Now is the time to come together like never before.

“You can blow out a candle, you cannot blow out a fire.”  Soon it will be Hanukkah. Let us join our candles together from all over the world.

Wishing you a quiet Shabbat from Israel,