Our Nation has never been stronger

Our Nation has never been stronger

Dear Friends,

This week’s update is from Rabbi Chaim:

I have been in Israel now for almost 4 weeks, most of that time with my family.

During the past three weeks there have been terror attacks of inhuman cruelty against mothers, the elderly, rabbis, and children.  The Palestinian terrorists have used hatchets, knives, and guns.  They are being incited by their clerics as well as Abbas to “defend Al Aksa against the Jews” amongst many other lies”.  During this time there has not been one moderate voice in the leadership or the Palestinian street that these murders are wrong. Not one moderate voice.  The silence is deafening and it’s an act of complicity.

What you are not hearing is that in the face is the heroism of the everyday Israeli citizen.  In many circumstances they are unarmed, and instead of running away from the terrorists, they are running towards them to save the lives of others. Please consider this for a moment.  What would you and I do if a terrorist with a hatchet began attacking the people around us?  Most people around the world would run for their lives.  These Israeli’s, young and old are using, selfie sticks, their phones, and whatever else they have to stop the terrorists. Some of them have been injured  severely or lost their lives.

Another fact about this situation which amazes me. In many cases when the terrorist are neutralized, there is desire by some to continue kicking or beating them out of revenge. Again, I would ask, if we had just witnessed a mother, neighbor, or friend brutally murdered, and the murderer was in our hands, would it be difficult to restrain ourselves?  And yet in case after case there are Israeli’s preventing these acts and stand over the terrorist until the police come. The terrorists are then given first aid by Israeli medics, and taken to Israeli hospitals,

sometimes the same hospitals as their victims.

My message to all of you is that Israel and Israeli’s, while suffering, are strong beyond measure. There terrorists are trying to terrorize with their cruelty.  It won’t work.  Israel is coming together and you can feel the Oneness of the nation.  Am Hanetzach Lo Mifaked Mi Derech Arucha- The eternal nation is not afraid of the long way.

It’s of utmost importance that we as the diaspora Jewish community are unequivocally with them in any and every way we can because it’s a matter of time before Israel is faced with international isolation. We need to communicate the truth of what is happening to our social networks. We need to stand resolved more than ever before.  We need to speak not from hate and anger, rather from complete unbreakable moral clarity.

Here at Achim Lachaim we are working to find the best way we as an organization can make our contribution. Our brothers want to do whatever they can.

Let’s stay together.  One Nation with One heart.  Our unity will overcome anything.

Am Echad LaNetzach,