Our Ethiopian brothers are hurting

Our Ethiopian brothers are hurting

Dear Friends,

Last week we had a  meeting at the Beit Achim for the first time that may have never happened before in Israel.   Israel has been Blessed over the past decades to have brought tens of thousands of our Ethiopian Jewish families home.  These families are so pure and come to Israel with great sacrifice and love for the land. Many of their children join combat units in the IDF and are some of the country’s best soldiers.  Unfortunately as a result of their sacrifice they often have to face being physically injured as well as severe PTSD.  Coming from a small village or town in Ethiopia, many of the parents have no preparation to understand what PTSD is or how to help their son’s who are suffering daily from this terrible injury.

One of our Ethiopian brothers, Aviv, saw how much the parents of in the Ethiopian community want to help their sons and therefore organized a special evening at our center that began with a traditional Ethiopian meal and music. After everyone was participated,  Aviv organized for Ethiopian psychologists to speak in Amharic to our Ethiopian BFL member’s parents about the effects of PTSD and how they can best support their sons.  I think the photo below will show you more than I could possibly express.  It was an amazing evening.

I want to thank our Aviv, our BFL brothers, and their brave parents who have sent their children to protect our land after just being here for a few years.

We are grateful to be able to help heal their families.

May there be no more injured soldiers in Israel.


Shabbat Shalom from Israel,