One day soon they will be running

One day soon they will be running

Dear friends,

Many of you know of the IDEO prosthetic brace that has enabled 18 of our brothers to through away their canes and crutches and walk normally again.  This week we took the fitting of this brace to an entirely different level.  We currently have 3 brothers being fitted with the brace, however two of them were not injured anywhere near their legs.

Both Ohad and Roni are living miracles. Both had severe brain injuries and spent months in comas, lying between life and death for some time. Both were paralyzed and couldn’t speak when they awoke. Today they still live with paralysis in parts of their bodies.  They defied what the doctors what said and today even with their issues they are able to walk, but with difficulty and for short distances.  All that is about to change.

Since IDEO brace moves the legs using mostly the stomach and glute muscles, two areas where Ohad and Roni are not paralyzed, they have a great chance on walking independently.

Please take a look at the photos below. They always tell the story better than anything I can write.







Ohad and Ronnie beginning to walk on the treadmill!


Ohad and Roni teach our brothers what never giving up on yourself looks like.  It took years of rehabilitation just for them to be able to stand and move their legs.

One day they soon with  they will be running.


Shabbat Shalom,