March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015

Dear Friends,

Purim is over, and as every year, we celebrated with a big Purim party, with over 300 of our Brothers.

One of them is Eran. Eran is 28 years old, he served in the Border Police and was injured during an operation in Shuafat refugee camp near Jerusalem. His team was surrounded and attacked by a violent crowd of Palestinians, who attempted to lynch the soldiers. Eran was severely wounded, suffering from injuries to all parts of his body.

He came to the party this year, dressed in a special costume that was voted as the most original costume of the evening. He came dressed up as “Achim LaChaim” – with all the aspects of what we do – our activities, programs and values of mutual help.

What an amazing way to capture the very essence of our organization!

Happy Purim from Israel,