March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015

Dear Friends,

It was a big week in Israel, not because of the elections, rather because with your help we are taking Achim LaChaim to the next level!

One of the amazing things about Achim LaChaim is our “circles” model. When a new member enters the foundation, he is in the first circle, getting help and mentoring from the foundation, until he is ready to move forward into the second circle, where he is capable of helping others. Finally he moves to the third circle, where he becomes a leader and/or mentor in the foundation. Most of our members who stepped into the second and third circles and are now managing social entrepreneurship projects that help their brothers recover physically and emotionally. Among these projects are a myriad of sports projects, each one of which is similar to an IDF unit, mentorship and guidance projects, our medical project, regional projects and many others.

This Wednesday and Thursday we had a special workshop for project managers. The workshop was lead by Yaniv, Dekel and Amir (our organizational psychologist) and focused on leadership principles, how to scale your project, managing budgets, writing reports and more.

The level of professionalism and motivation was unbelievable and great things to come!

Our Project leaders holding up the names of the projects they lead

One of the sessions in action

Shabbat Shalom from Israel,