July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015

Dear Friends,

After years of effort, sleepless nights, striving for the highest levels of excellence for our brothers who deserve only the best, we finally received the keys to the our new home, our Beit Achim, our brothers house.

The Beit Achim will be the place where a newly injured soldier will for the first time meet his community of brothers, a place where having an injury or “disability” has become something we carry with honor.  A place where great healing will take place on a daily basis and where injured fighters will reclaim their lives surrounded by hundreds of their brothers.

Thousands of young Jews will visit from around the diaspora, taking inspiration and turning it into action when they return to their home communities.

Sounds like a dream?  It is, but we see this dream coming true every single day.

The Beit Achim is located in Kfar Truman (named after President Harry Truman), a small moshav 5 minutes drive from Ben Gurion Airport.  It is your home as well.  Please come visit.

With special thanks to the Samson family of South Africa for helping to make this dream come true.

Shabbat Shalom from Israel,