January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015

Dear Family,

One of the most important missions of Achim LaChaim is to reach out to every injured soldier who needs our help. In the past years, we have had 5-7 new members on average join us every month, and a total of about 65 new members a year.  As you know, this past summer everything changed and suddenly we were faced with hundreds of injured soldiers who need our help. We methodically created a strategy to absorb these newly injured soldiers at a rate of 15-17 new members a month and of course had to expand our team.  Here are our new team members:

Ofer Meyer, our long-time member, mentor and counselor, will become a part of the managing team and coordinate the mentoring and counseling project. New and existing members suffering from PTS will meet with Ofer and become part of the amazing program he has created.  Ofer served as a medic in the Paratroopers Brigade, and was injured during the Second Lebanon War when a missile hit the building where he and his team were. He lost his right eye but tried to save the lives of his fellow soldiers, pulling them out one by one out of the burning building.  Ofer was awarded Israel’s second highest medal of bravery.  After getting a degree in English and Psychology Ofer was trained in Three Principles Counseling.

Adi Berkovitch, who is our member since 2010, will be coordinating external relations in Israel. In addition, he will manage the Delegations Project. In 2015 we are planning 11 delegations with over 120 participants. Adi is 31 years old, married, lives in Hod-Hasharon and a father of one. Wounded in his legs in the 2nd Lebanon War. Since his injury, he graduated B.A and M.A in Mass Communication and works in a P.R office in Tel-Aviv.

Alon Madar, one of our members who was coordinating a number of projects on a volunteer basis, will join our team and help Dekel coordinate the social entrepreneurship programs, the number of which will grow this year to 20. Alon  served in the border police unit and was hit by a metal frame that was thrown on his face. Alon suffers from blindness in his left eye and from numbness in his face.

Maor Alcobi will be replacing the irreplaceable Guy Pries in the position of accepting newly injured soldiers into the foundation. (There is not enough room in this email to thank Guy, who will remain one of the pillars of our foundation).  Maor lives in Kiryat Gat, served in Golani Brigade and was injured in 2008 by sniper’s fire in a battle with terrorists during an operation to eliminate the shooting of Qassam missiles from the Gaza Strip. Maor is paralyzed in his left hand but learned how to play guitar and piano with a pencil!

Ofer, Adi, Alon, and Maor will be a tremendous addition to our team.  There is nothing we can’t overcome!

Shabbat Shalom from Israel,