From escaping Ethiopia to the greatest moment ever

From escaping Ethiopia to the greatest moment ever

Dear BFL Mishpacha,

Last night was beyond special for us in Israel.  After years of hospitals, recovery, and more, two of our brothers, Roei Z. and Getau S.  simultaneous celebrated their weddings in different parts of the country.  There simply is no joy like attending the wedding of one of our BFL soldiers.  All of the pain, all of the difficulty is transformed into the highest level of Joy you can imagine.

Many of you heard about Getau’s story a year ago.  Getau escaped from Ethiopia and came to Israel “On Eagles Wings”-an El Al cargo plane. He is the young boy on the right in the iconic photo below.

Getau made into an ant-aircraft unit in the Israel Air Force and was injured when his vehicle was hit by an explosion near Gaza, killing Getau’s best friend. Getau held him as he died in his arms.

Getau will tell you that his recovery was hell.  It took years for him to smile again.

Last night he was beyond smiles.  He and his now Wife were radiating Joy.  Below are a few photos, including an inside view of a Jewish Ethiopian wedding and two future leaders of the Ethiopian Israeli community.

King David wrote “Those who plant with tears will reap with Joy”.   Each of us at some point will have to face great difficulty.  At BFL we see with our own eyes how not even one of our tears are ever lost.

Shabbat Shalom from Israel.