August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015

Dear friends,

This week, I wanted to share with you the personal story of one of our amazing brothers, Ophir Endinger.

Ophir is 30 years old  from Tel Aviv and was recently married to Shay.

Ophir served as an officer in the Combat Engineering Corp and after recently being discharged from IDF, was called for reserve duty in Protective Edge Operation last summer.

Ophir was tasked with establishing a new team which will seek and destroy Hamas tunnels.

During the destruction of the fourteenth tunnel Ophir and his team were hit by a Hamas missile and from the blast Ophir was thrown into the air and suffered a traumatic head injury.

He somehow was able to give first aid to his injured soldiers until he himself went unconscious.

​Before his injury Ophir spoke 4 languages, and after his injury Ophir couldn’t even speak Hebrew.  He is now able to speak Hebrew and English.

Since Ophir and Shay’s wedding earlier this year, the young couple was saving money for their much anticipated honeymoon. Last week, while visiting family friends, Ophir’s house was broken into and the burglars stole all the money the couple saved for its honeymoon, as well as Ophir’s laptop and other items.

The first update and ask for help was to a group Ophir met a few days prior to the burglary as part of the Chicago delegation. The rumor spread fast and many good people stepped in to help Ophir and Shay.

We are grateful that the first place Ophir turned to was his brothers and the silver lining in this story is Ophir saw with his own eyes how many people stand behind him.  This means more than anything money can buy.

Shabbat shalom from Israel,