After 37 Years in Lebanon, He is home

After 37 Years in Lebanon, He is home

Dear friends,

During our service as IDF there are certain Jewish sayings that motivate each of us in different ways.  One of the one’s that I connected to was “Col Yisrael Ereivim zeh b’zeh”, or “All of Israel is responsible for each other.  I am grateful to say that in the army we lived this and in BFL we still live this saying everyday.  It’s part of our ethical code.

Yesterday in Israel we watched with pride how this verse again came alive when Israel successfully brought back the body of Zacharia Baumel Z”L, who was killed in action 37 years ago in the First Lebanon War.

If as a soldier you have to go to battle, to know that no matter what it takes, and no matter how long it takes, you will never ever be left behind, it means everything.  The return of Zacharia to his family shows every IDF soldier how much the Jewish Nation cares about them.  I am proud to share with you that more than a few of our BFL members risked their lives to carry back the bodies of our soldiers from Lebanon and Gaza  and each would tell you that it was their greatest honor of their service.

Zacharia’s parents waited literally for decades for the chance to have their son’s body back in Israel and to bury him at home.  Yesterday, when Zacharia was buried in Jerusalem, they finally had this peace.  They are heroes of Israel.

Zacharia’s parents in 2003

There are still families in Israel waiting to bury their sons, and we know Israel will do everything in our power to make this happen. Oron Shual and Hadar Goldin, below, were killed protecting Israel in 2014.  They fought along side with over 160 of our BFL members who were injured in Gaza, and they are already both legends in our foundation.

May their families soon have them back home, and may they find peace.

Shabbat Shalom from Israel,


One more note- This Monday 10 of our brothers landed in Hong Kong for our annual delegation there.  To everyone in our BFL Hong Kong community, Thank you!