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Our Mission

To empower injured combat soldiers to help recently injured combat soldiers reclaim their lives, fulfill their dreams, and continue to serve and inspire the Jewish nation.

Our Values

Love of Brothers


Living in a Healthier State of Mind

Ahavat Achim

BFL is built on a connection, commitment and love for each other that goes beyond words. We would give our lives for each other. We would give our lives to protect Am Yisrael.


The culture of BFL is selfless giving. There is no greater feeling then knowing we have helped another brother get his life back. The first thing every one of our members wants to do after receiving help is pass that help on to another soldier.

Yishuv Hadaat

We share a life long commitment to move past the trauma of war and live in a healthier and healthier state of mind that enables us to live our own dreams and help others live dreams as well.