Injured Soldiers Helping Injured Soldiers

Brothers for Life is a non-profit organization, created and run by disabled Israeli officers, which gives critical and immediate help to disabled Israeli combat soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the safety of the Jewish people.

Our team of elite former officers and fighters work together to help newly injured soldiers by:

♦ Proactively meeting newly injured soldiers in the hospital or their homes and sharing with them the resources of Brothers for Life.
♦ Assessing if there are immediate medical, financial, or psychological needs not otherwise being covered by any other agency and providing these critical needs on a case-by-case basis.
♦ Introducing newly disabled soldiers to a community of other disabled soldiers who have faced the same challenges and creating ongoing mentoring relationships.
♦ Helping guide wounded soldiers to live in a state of mind that allows them to face their new lifestyle and return to productive and meaningful lives.

The model of “injured soldiers helping other injured soldiers” has given us both the leverage and trust to help, at a completely different level, young Israeli’s who are suffering daily from their injuries. These are some of the most selfless and talented young men in the country and they are the future of the State of Israel. Many of them are officers from elite units and as they continue to improve, they will go on to be the diplomats, activists and entrepreneurs that Israel needs.

As you read this there are Israeli soldiers, some of whom have volunteered for the most dangerous units, who will likely be injured within the coming days. Most of these soldiers are in the 19-33 age demographic and face tremendous difficulty returning to family life, university, work, after serious trauma and injury.

To request a copy of our financial statements and/or tax returns please email: admin@brothersforlife.com.


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You can email us at admin@brothersforlife.com or call us at +1 (206) 691-5096.

Just wanted to say it was great to have met all of you guys at Gillette. Safe travels back to Israel! Hope we meet again soon.

‏Steve Bohn

So so excited to see Brother For Life’s book in its Hebrew version…can’t wait to get my English version for proofing! Sending healing energy, love and respect to all of our boys currently recovering from the war. I am sure Brothers for Life is a great source of comfort at this time.

Tamar Michal Milshtein

Because of the soldiers, I had the best Bar Mitzvah I could ever imagine. It was one of the best memories of my life. I smiled so much that my cheeks hurt.

Josh Greenstein

They almost died protecting the Jewish people and they stand ready to do it again “Injured Soldiers Helping Injured Soldiers”


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